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Company Profile

Trunkbow International Holdings is an innovative mobile application enabler, focused on providing telecom operators in China, with application platforms on which to offer Mobile Value Added Solutions (“MVAS”) and Mobile Payment Solutions (“MPS”) to their subscribers. Trunkbow’s solutions enable the telecom operators to offer their subscribers access to unique mobile applications, innovative tools, value-added services that create a superior mobile experience, and as a result generate higher average revenue per user and reduce subscriber churn.


Trunkbow was founded in 2001 by former Silicon Valley engineers with extensive experience in the telecom industry. Over the past several years, the Company has established a proven track record of innovation, being the first to market with application platforms such as Color Ring Back Tone that since its launch in 2003 has become the third largest revenue contributor for China Mobile.

Our research and development focused business model provides us with a defensible market position as a technology provider to the telecom operators. We work extensively with our customers and technology partners in our R&D process to develop cutting edge technology solutions that are relevant to consumer trends and market demand. 

We have a team of over 100 R&D professionals led by a seasoned senior management team with extensive experience in the telecom industry. Currently, we have filed more than 211 patent applications, of which 68 have been granted by the National Intellectual Property Administration of the People’s Republic of China. We have recently begun the process of filing for international and U.S. patents in order to protect our intellectual property globally.

Our customers are primarily telecom providers in China. We have extensive customer relationships with provincial branches of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, the “Big Three” Chinese cellular carriers.
Our goal is to become a leader in MVAS application platforms and mobile payment systems for the telecom industry in China. We intend to achieve this goal by implementing the following strategies:
-Continue to develop cutting edge technology solutions.

-Leverage our intellectual assets and enter into new markets.
-Expand geographic coverage of current platform solutions.
-Continue to build upon our strong relationship with key customers.
-Attract and retain quality employees.
-Form business relationships with strategicpartners to expand our presence in the mobile payment business.

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